The Cajun Roosters3 started life as an offspring of the 5 piece Cajun Roosters for a multimedia performance called ‘Cajuntales’, where the history of Louisiana and its people is told by combining film, cartoons, photos and live Cajun music. This show was featured several times at festivals and locations throughout Germany with repeated showings in Munich at the famous Amerikahaus.


They have played several major venues and festivals already including a 23 date tour of Germany. The tour took the trio by surprise. Most venues were sold out in advance and the great interest from the media and the public was evidence of a growing interest in this music with its origins in a culture thousands of miles away across the Atlantic Ocean. The music was at the same time unfamiliar yet strangely connected to the audience. Played on 3 simple instruments the sound of the fiddle, guitar and perhaps most of all the accordion struck a chord with the public.


They released a CD "From the swamps and bayous of Louisiana" at the start of 2008 which won 1st runner up in the 2008 European Cajun and Zydeco Awards (order here).


Specialize in down home traditional Cajun music with a side order of acoustic Zydeco and Creole music. They play two steps, waltzes, Cajun blues and back porch Zydeco from SW Louisiana. It’s a raw uncluttered sound that evokes the mysteries of the bayous and swamps of Louisiana. Classic timeless music that takes you on a journey from the 1920’s when this music was first recorded to the present day. Along the way they tell stories about the musicians who created this music and reveal some of the fascinating history of the Cajun people and their culture. Equally at home playing seated concerts or to dancing crowds the Cajun Roosters3 leave audiences shouting for more everywhere they have played. Their passion for the music is infectious and clear from the first note to the last. Three musicians united in their love and understanding of one of the greatest undiscovered musics of the 21st century.

Cajun Roosters 3 play songs by Iry Le Jeune, Nathan Abshire, Canray Fontenot, The Balfa Brothers, The Lawtell Playboys, Lawrence Walker, Aldus Roger, Austin Pitre, Leroy Broussard, Bois sec Ardoin, and many more.


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Michael Bentele