ONLINESHOP (terms of contract)

Onlineshopinformation of CD-DVD Ordering for non German citizens


The transmitted data will not be stored on any media. The data will only be stored temporary due to processing and then be deleted. A script (program) directly sends the data via mail to the Cajun Roosters. Your data will only be evaluated for the CD-DVD ordering purpose.

Your data will not be given to a third party. If you don't want to mail your creditcarddetails for any safety reasons, please select the Payment option "Mastercard/VISA (I want to fax my creditcarddetails)". In addition you have the possibility to use our faxforms (download).

The time of delivery should be within 4 weeks (depending on the destination country).

However, the delivery time can be longer due to unknown reasons.

If you have any questions please feel free to mail us.