CD - okra and a pepper -

Released 2011

Cajun Roosters: okra and a pepper


Produced by Cajun Roosters

Recorded and mastered by Tom Peschel at Downhill-Studio Munich.

Additional recording swampmusic studio, Derby




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1. Horse with no shoes Download
2. Hip et taiaut
3. Sugar Bee
4. Crawfish Waltz Download
5. Frugé's Reel
6. French Rockin' Boogie
7. Un matin Download
8. 73 Special
9. Precious Time
10. Tout en beau
11. Born in the country
12. Clef de la prison
13. Separation Waltz
14. Joli Fille

15. Valse de Belizaire/Belizaire Two step









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